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TBJ Property Indonesia is a professional team specializes in developing, managing real estate project that also specialized in producing a high-quality advertisement for premium property market through tactical digital marketing method. Established under PT. Terang Bahtera Jaya Propertindo in 2007, TBJ Property Indonesia has successfully grown its portfolio with more than a hundred properties sold each year. Operating through innovative digital marketing method, TBJ Property Indonesia has served many satisfied clients from individual to developers in Bintaro and South Jakarta Area.


TBJ Property Indonesia has been focusing on online property marketing since its beginning. With almost no competitor specialized in online marketing method at that time, the result is very clear as today they become Indonesia’s most reliable expertise for managing online property marketing and advertisement strategy.


Entering the year of 2019, TBJ Property Indonesia has been developing a new integrated digital marketing system witch more specific in target and has a higher impact in sales interaction. Supported by new digital technologies, TBJ Property Indonesia will ensure every client from individuals to developers achieves beyond expectation.


We invite you to have a standout journey in the new era of real estate digital marketing. TBJ Property Indonesia is the new sales solution, we simply introduce better.

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