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SINGLE HOUSE (Secondary)


  What is All About? 

Real estate marketing service through professional digital marketing and agency networking.

Services you will have:

  1. Professional Agent Service. An officer with highly experienced in marketing, banking, legal agreement, and notary issues. 

  2. Better Transaction Price. Persistence and rational negotiation for satisfying deal.

  3. Real estate advertisement production (Photo & Video). High-Quality Ads which are specially designed for real estate market places and many other digital marketing platforms. 

  4. Professional Content Creation. Specially formatted for high impact strategy in real estate buyer top of mind. 

  5. Effective Ad placement (Premium /Non-Premium). Distributed in at least 7 digital real estate market places which have been proven very effective by our latest empirical market research. 

  6. Monthly exposure, response and survey report for Marketing Evaluation 

  7. Total Privacy selling method. No banner, only digital.   



 Marketing Fee: 

  1. Below Rp.1.300.000.000 transaction value, charged by fix rate IDR.35.000.000

  2. Above point 1 value to IDR.4.950.000.000, will be charged 3% x transaction value.

  3. Above IDR 4.950.000.000 Transaction value, will be charged 2.5% x transaction value

 Optional Cost: 

  1. Staging cost

  2. Extra Advertisement

​ Clients Condition:

  1. No Marketing Banner in the property object

  2. Has been through Price Review by TBJ team and considered market acceptable

  3. Exclusive Partnership for premium Ads program

  4. Non-Exclusive Partnership for Standard Ads program  

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