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Hello, Welcome Home Buyer!

Entering 2019, If you’re happened looking for a nice house around Cilandak area, This 28 Ha Premium Cluster which located in Andara, has opened new property lots along with many interesting promotion programs that obviously worth to check.

Fast Preview, please take a look video below:

In-brief, Green Andara is all about having a unique and iconic design concept, great facilities, competitive price and strategic access especially with Andara Tolls (Depok Antasari) which opened up in end of 2018.

Tol Andara.jpeg

With the accessibility of Andara Toll, You can reach TB Simatupang Office District proximately only around 5 minutes. While from there you can reach Kemang, Pondok Indah, Lebak Bulus and even Golden Triangle District easily.

Talking about location, besides surrounded by elite education facilities and hospitals, Green Andara Residence also has so many alternative non-toll routes, so You don’t have to worry stressed out getting stuck in traffic jam on your routines activities.

But don’t worry, for those who just started a new family, the developer is also providing small unit from 93 Sqm land size, 3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, and 1+1 Service area which of course will be accommodating Your Family needs for a long time.


Basically, Green Andara Residence majority unit type is unit with more than 120m2 sqm in land size, with 2 floors, 4 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, and 1+1 Service Area.



Green Andara land price is in range of IDR 22 Mil/Sqm or IDR 4Billion-ish for 160 Sqm land, 120 Sqm building, it depends on unit position whether its located in South Jakarta or Depok location.


The price is similar with the standard price for high rise property such as an apartment in the neighborhood area, which some of them even setting the price at around IDR 40 mils/Sqm, So the fact of this is landed is so intriguing right?  



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As only a few new units available with a very limited promotional program, please click Button Below to Get Marketing Assistance to book Your survey Schedule:



Google Map:  Green Andara Residence


Address: Jalan Pangakalan Jati Baru no 17.





Green Andara Residence

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